New York Man Allegedly Strangled Girlfriend While One Cruise Ship

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A New York man was charged with strangling his girlfriend while the couple was on a cruise together recently.

USA Today reports that the alleged perpetrator, Carlos Batista Jr., was taken into custody after he reportedly viciously assaulted his girlfriend following an argument on the ship.

The indictment against him accuses Batista of dragging the woman through the hallway of the ship and covering her mouth when she screamed for help, eventually causing her to go limp. Batista is alleged to have dragged her into his cabin room, where the assault continued.

The victim was rescued by fellow passengers who heard her screaming and arrived just in the nick of time. Batista reportedly had his arm around her neck when the Good Samaritans arrived.

Batista is facing up to 10 years in prison on one count of one count of assault of a spouse, intimate partner or dating partner by strangling or suffocating.