New Information in Woman Overboard from Carnival Ship

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New information has been revealed about the death of a mother of four who went overboard from the Carnival Liberty cruise ship early in the morning of Friday, May 13 and the FBI is now involved in the case.

To date, no one really knows what happened to 33 year old Samantha Broberg apart from what can be seen on the video footage. It is known that she apparently went overboard from the 10th deck and a red colored stain can be seen on the deck where she fell. Carnival has said that is from a red colored cocktail which was spilled at the scene.
However, on the return of the ship to Galveston, several of the passengers came forward with some additional information, including one passenger who alleges he was at the scene when investigators were checking and they found a knife in the trash in the same spot she fell.
The surveillance footage shows Broberg sitting on the top of the deck railing which, is over 5 feet high, and then falling backwards into the ocean. Many passengers have said that the railings are so high she would have had to climb up, and they do not believe she would have done that voluntarily.
Carnival maintains that the event is both sad and tragic, but that there is no foul play suspected. The company says that the footage does not show any indication of foul play and the has dismissed the passengers’ comments.
The FBI has so far only said that this is a death investigation and would make no comment on the knife or the question of foul play.