Nearly 60% of Cruise Ship Crimes Involve Sexual Assault

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 The US Coast Guard tracks statistics related to all reported cruise ship crimes. Due to changes in how crimes are reported, the number of crimes aboard cruise ships increased fivefold when comparing the same period in 2015 (before the change) to 2016 (after the change).

Below we take a look at the most recent statistics, which were released in April and cover January 1st to March 31st, 2017,

  • There were 27 total crimes reported aboard cruise ships owned by 10 major cruise lines
  • Over half (59%) of the reported crimes involved sexual assault.
  • 10 of the 27 sexual assaults were perpetrated against passengers.
  • Six of the sexual assaults were perpetrated against crew members.
  • There were two US citizen passengers who went missing from cruise ships during the three-month period.


Most people would probably be surprised to learn that cruise ship sexual assaults constitute the majority of all crimes reported aboard cruise ships.

For years, we have been fighting to warn the public about this very real danger that many, especially women and children, face when cruising.