NCL Cruise Ship Bartender – One of Many Recently Accused of Rape

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Several days ago, we blogged about a trend which has seen several cruise ship bartenders be accused of sexual assault and rape of passengers in recent years. One of those cases occurred aboard a Norwegian Cruises ship, and was covered in the New Times.

The victim, who was referred to as Jane Doe in court documents, retained Hickey Law Firm P.A. to file suit against Norwegian last year, alleging that her bartender aboard the M/V Norwegian Sky cruise ship had raped her. As the New Times writes:

“the bartender singled her out as a target as soon as the Bahamas-bound ship set sail. He plied her with alcohol and may have drugged her last drink. Once she became visibly disoriented, he brought her to an isolated storage room that only crew members could access, locked the door, and refused to let her out…”

Later in the article, it was noted that:

“The lawsuit claims that after Jane Doe told Norwegian employees she’d been raped, they took her to her room in a wheelchair and forced her to drink water, instead of taking her to the infirmary to perform an exam with a rape kit. When she was finally taken to the infirmary, she’d already urinated three times. By then, the evidence—which could have proved she’d been raped and her drink was spiked—was tainted.”

This case highlights many important points to remember if you are ever the victim of a cruise ship sexual assault. The first is that you should always demand that a rape kit be performed immediately upon visiting the infirmary, and preferably before washing or using the bathroom.

Another important consideration is to be sure to call the FBI and report the event immediately after seeking medical attention. The cruise company is supposed to help you with placing the call, but do not let them speak on your behalf. As Jack Hickey of Hickey Law Firm, P.A. said in the New Times piece, “They typically treat any passenger who reports things like this like they’re adversaries right away."