NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt Covers Cruise Ship Sexual Assault

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A day after NBC News published a cruise ship sexual assault exposé on its website, the news outlet follows up with a NBC Nightly News report detailing the crimes.

In the segment, which is embedded here and can be found on the NBC News website, eight families with members who suffered from rape and sexual assault aboard cruise ships are profiled. A number of the victims were teenage girls, aged 12 to 15.

As noted in yesterday’s blog, approximately 67% of the crimes reported aboard cruise ships in 2013 were sexual crimes such as sexual assault and rape. Additionally, as there is no actual police force aboard cruise ships, it is difficult to determine the exact number of crimes which occur aboard cruise ships every year.

Cruise ship rape and sexual assault constitute a serious issue which affects dozens of people every year, primarily women and children.

Despite these undeniable facts, the report includes a negation of the seriousness of the problem by the cruise industry’s top lobbying organization, cruise lines international Association, Inc. (CLIA). CLIA asserts that crime on cruise ships is rare and that, when compared to crimes on land, cruise ship crime amounts to only a “small fraction”.