Mother Sues Disney Cruises after Son's Injury in Onboard Bathroom

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A woman has filed suit against Disney Cruise Lines after her child was injured in a bathroom aboard one of the company’s ships last year.

According to the suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division on February 27th, the minor boy tripped and fell in a Disney cruise ship bathroom on March 3, 2016. As he fell he hit his face on a sharp metal part of the tub and suffered injury, the suit alleges.

In the suit, the plaintiff claims that Disney was negligent in not warning passengers of the dangerous conditions in the bathroom, and not mainlining it in safe working order.

The suit seeks damages and interest, and any additional consideration the court may deem appropriate.  

Passengers are regularly injured aboard cruise ships, due to cruise lines’ negligence When such injuries occur, it may fall on the cruise company to make the passenger whole by covering medical expenses and other compensation related to the incident. This results in cruise companies being sued frequently, usually in U.S. District Court in Miami.