Millions of Dollars of Damage as Cruise Ship Smashes into Dock

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On Friday, June 3 the Celebrity Infinity crashed into the dock at Ketchikan, Alaska causing millions of dollars of damage.

According to the cruise line, Celebrity Cruises, based in Miami, the cause of the crash was inclement weather and it is known there were strong wind gusts at the time and it appears that the ship’s thrusters were not sufficiently strong the prevent the ship from being pushed into the dock.
The ship, which has room for 2,170 passengers on board, was in the middle of a weeklong cruise between Vancouver and the Hubbard Glacier. It was preparing to moor in Ketchikan, but some passengers on an adjoining vessel said it was coming in high when it crashed into the dock knocking a barrier into the water and causing as much as $3 million in damage to the dock. The ship suffered scrapes to its hull above the waterline which was described by the company as minor and was forced to spend the night in port so that the damage could be repaired. It appears that no one was injured in the incident.
As the ship was approaching it was becoming obvious it would crash into the dock and according to Steve Corporon, director of Ketchikan’s ports and harbors, security personnel at the port, longshoremen,  and Celebrity employees were able to move out of the way to prevent them being crushed or injured.
Corporon went onto say that it will take up to two month before they will be able to repair the dock.