Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed in Man Overboard Case

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In June, 2015 Keith White drowned in Lake Ontario after having fallen overboard from the Northern Spirit cruise ship. His family has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Keith was aged 34 and was with around 425 other passengers aboard the ship, owned by Mariposa Cruises, for a party. He was from London, Ontario, Canada and was a certified lifeguard as well as a welder. At around 7.30 p.m. he fell overboard some two kilometers south of the Humber River, and according to Mariposa the captain followed protocol and immediately put the ship into neutral to be able to turn around and rescue White. 

However, other guests on the ship state that this is not what happened. They say the rescue boat was lowered but then brought back on board as the captain had not issued any orders. They say that they saw Keith treading water for around 10 minutes and according to experts it should only have taken two minutes to rescue him.  

The family of White filed the $1 million lawsuit back in October against not only Mariposa but also the hosts of the party, Ankur Entertainment. 

Ankur Entertainment has closed all of their social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and has not responded to the lawsuit.

Mariposa maintains the captain reacted correctly and confirmed that the 19 crew had all completely annual training. They went on to say they are confident that they will be completely exonerated.

According to the federal Transportation Safety Board the investigation is ongoing.