Miami Cruise Attorney Jack Hickey Discusses Cruise Ship Sexual Assault

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Miami cruise attorney Jack Hickey has been fighting the cruise lines for over two decades. In the clip below, Hickey discusses cruise ship sexual assault and rape:

If you, or your loved one, are ever the victim of a cruise ship sexual assault or rape, you should follow very specific steps to both protect your health and ensure that justice will be served. The steps Hickey recommends are as follows:

1.  Report it to the ships infirmary and demand a rape kit exam. Do this before you take a shower. 

2. Contact the FBI while you are still on the ship. The ships officers are supposed to facilitate this communication. Talk to the FBI yourself. The cruise line personnel will give a biased, sometimes inaccurate description. 

3. Take photos and preserve evidence. You cannot depend on the cruise line to do this.  

4. Get the names, street addresses, email addresses, and cell numbers of all witnesses to all aspects of what happened. 

5. Get counseling when you get off the ship.