Lawsuit Filed Against Disney Cruise Line for Severed Thumb

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A lawsuit has been filed against Disney Cruise Line by a man whose thumb was severed by his cabin door.

Grandfather Marco Fidel Castro of Columbia was a passenger on a Disney cruise ship in April last year which left from Miami on a Caribbean cruise. He and his family were changing for the Captain’s dinner one night and as he was getting ready to leave for dinner he stood in the hallway outside his cabin waiting for his wife. He had his hand on the door frame and his wife was holding the door open with her foot as all Disney cabin doors close automatically and do not stay open on their own. She moved her foot and the door slammed onto his thumb with such force it was completely severed. He collected his thumb and went to the on board medical center where a nurse bandaged the wound and put the thumb in some ice in the hope of having it potentially reattached.
However, when the ship arrived at the next port, there was no specialist available who could reattach his thumb and it was not until he arrived in Puerto Rico some two days later that the relevant specialist could be seen. Unfortunately by then it was too late to reattach the thumb.
The lawsuit alleges negligence on the part of Disney, in terms of the medical care provided and the cabin door. It highlights Disney’s failure to ensure the cabin doors were safe, failure to warn passengers of the dangers of the doors, and failure to have a safety device on the hinges to prevent accidents like this occurring.
Castro is asking for unspecified damages for medical care and other costs.