How to File a Cruise Ship Law Suit

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We at the Hickey Law Firm, P.A. have been helping our clients recover damages from cruise lines for two decades. One of the most common questions we hear from prospective clients is “how do you go about suing cruise companies?” There are actually many important aspects to this crucial question. We will go over them below.

You and your attorney must show that the cruise company was negligent or otherwise at fault

The first step in filing suit against a cruise line is establishing the nature of your injuries and showing how they were sustained and/or exacerbated due to the cruise company’s negligence. We have helped our clients recover significant monetary compensation against cruise companies for injuries such as sexual assault and rape, slip-and-fall, and injuries sustained while on excursion.

You must sue the cruise line within the time frame specified in the cruise contract

When passengers first board a cruise ship, they tacitly (and usually unknowingly) agree to the so-called cruise contract or cruise ticket. This document spells out many legal clauses which are crucial when suing the cruise line. One of these clauses specifies the amount of time passengers have, after being injured aboard a cruise ship, to sue the cruise line. It is common for cruise contracts to limit your time to file suit to just 1 year or less.

You must file suit in the city designated on the cruise ticket

Cruise companies do not allow you to sue them in the city or state of your choice. Rather, every cruise line specifies the city in which you must file suit. In its cruise ticket Carnival Cruise Line specifies that passengers must file suit in Miami. Royal Caribbean also requires you to file suit in Miami. Other cruise lines, such as Disney, may specify other cities.

For best results, work with an experienced cruise injury attorney

Jack Hickey is a double board certified trial attorney who has successfully prosecuted dozens of lawsuits against cruise lines.