Harbor Committee In Maine Town Votes to Ban Cruise Ships

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  • The Marine Management Committee for Maine’s Northeast Harbor voted this week to ban cruise ships from calling on the harbor.
  • They voiced concerns including the impact on fishermen and the impact on the local culture.
  • Another vote on the matter is scheduled for Monday.

The first cruise ship to call on Maine’s Northeast Harbor in years could be the last for the foreseeable future, after the town’s panel overseeing the harbor voted to bar ships from bringing passengers to port.

The town’s Marine Management Committee announced on Tuesday that it had voted 6-1 to prohibit ships from bringing passengers to the harbor, after the 325 foot ship Pearl Mist called on the harbor on September 23.

All reports indicate that the ship’s visit brought an economic benefit to the town, with Harbormaster John Lemoine estimating that he received up to 50 positive calls about the visit. But there were reportedly an even number of complaints. Lemoine says that he believes the visit went smoothly and that, in his opinion, there was no negative impact. But others disagree.

Marine Management Committee member Chris Moore indicated that he believed that the $2,500 fee that the cruise company would send to the town after calling on the port was not worth the cost of the annoyance to residents and fishermen. Eric Jones, another committee member, agreed saying that fishermen are bound to be affected by a ship sitting off shore.

Committee member Story Litchfield said that she believed that the ships calling on the port goes against the town’s character.

Another vote on the matter is scheduled for Monday.