Haimark Lines is Bankrupt and Cancels all Remaining Cruises

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According to the Federal Maritime Commission, Haimark Lines is now bankrupt and has just announced the cancellation of those cruises which it still had planned. Passengers will receive refunds from the escrow agent for those cruises on the only ship the cruise line had, the 210 passenger Saint Laurent, which was chartered from the Clipper Group.

Haimark Lines used to have cruises on the eastern seaboard and the Great Lakes but just weeks after the first voyage in May the Saint Laurent hit a lock wall in the St. Lawrence Seaway and was out of service for a month, with cruises cancelled as the ship was repaired. According to the company, this incident forced it to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy at the end of October.

Haimark planned to take the Saint Laurent to Cuba on cruise and announced they would begin from Miami in February this year, making the ship the first to go to Cuba, but instead it was Carnival cruises who took that honor.

So far customers who have had their cruise cancelled have filed for around $800,000 in cancelled bookings and it is not yet known whether the escrow account has sufficient funds for everyone to be paid in full, but it is known that air travel and hotel expenses will not be refunded.

A private equity firm bought Haimark in January, specifically for its Far Eastern river cruise operations and at the time, Haimark president Hans Rood said that the sale would allow them to carry out the Cuba sailings. However that did not happen.

Haimark Line and Haimark Travel's websites are no longer available and there is only voicemail at the administrative offices and the customer service line.