Former Passenger Sues Carnival After Slip-and-Fall

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  • A former passenger with Carnival Cruise Lines is suing the company.
  • In her complaint, Mary Onstot claims that the slippery conditions in her cabin room shower caused her to fall and injure herself.
  • The plaintiff holds Carnival responsible for not having warned her of the hazards, or having provided a nonslip surface in the shower.

Cruise ship slip-and-fall cases are regularly filed against the world’s largest cruise lines, including Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean. Many of these lawsuits center around the claim that the companies regularly fail to adequately warn passengers of the hazardous conditions imposed surfaces on the ships, which can be unusually and unreasonably slippery when wet.

A recent lawsuit filed in Miami, Florida claims that Carnival Cruise Lines acted negligently by failing to warn passengers of the hazardous posed by the slippery surfaces in their cabin room showers.

On December 21, 2016 a woman filed suit against Carnival, claiming that the company failed to warn her of the slippery surface in her cabin shower. While cruising with the company, Mary Onstot slipped and fell in her cabin room shower, sustaining significant injuries. The suit also claims that Carnival failed to provide a nonslip surface for her in her cabin room shower.

The suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District, seeks damages and other relief deemed just by the court.