Former Norwegian Cruise Lines CEO Allegedly Stepped Down Due To Misconduct Claims

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  • The Miami Herald is reporting that former Norwegian CEO Kevin Sheehan left the company as a result of personal misconduct.
  • The allegation was made in a lawsuit by Sheehan’s predecessor, Colin Veitch.
  • The suit also alleges that Sheehan failed to pay Veitch and libeled him in an email he sent to a travel publication.

The Miami Herald is reporting that a recently filed lawsuit claims that former a Norwegian Cruise Line CEO left the company due to “improper relationships” with employees.

The Herald article refers to a lawsuit filed against that former Norwegian CEO Kevin Sheehan by another former Norwegian CEO, Colin Veitch, in November. In the suit, the Herald reports, Veitch  alleges that Norwegian and its affiliated companies had “long been aware” that former CEO Kevin Sheehan had been engaged in in appropriate relationships with company employees before his resignation in January 2015.

An investigation into Sheehan’s behavior in late 2014 and early 2015 resulted in his departure, the suit alleges, citing Sheehan’s alleged “personal and professional misconduct and recklessness, stunning in its scope and hubris, corrosive and detrimental in its impact on the company.”

The reason Sheehan was named in the suit is because Veitch claims that after Sheehan took over as CEO, he stopped paying Veitch the compensation that he was due. Veitch also claims in the suit that Sheehan libeled him by sending a “vindictive, false and defamatory” communication to Travel Weekly in response to positive coverage that it had given Veitch.

The public spat is a black eye for Norwegian, even though neither of the men currently work for the company.