Fog Forces Port of Galveston Closure - Carnival Cruise Ships Remain at Sea

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  • The port of Galveston was closed for fog over the weekend, causing a disruption in several itineraries.
  • Two Carnival cruise ships, the Freedom and the Valor, were forced to spend extra time at sea due to the closure.
  • The ships were permitted to dock today, but Customs and Border Patrol will reportedly not be available until tomorrow.

Two Carnival cruise ships were forced to remain at sea this weekend, after the Port of Galveston was closed due to fog.

The Carnival Freedom and Valor cruise ships were scheduled to dock at Galveston yesterday, but the weather caused officials to modify their itineraries. The ships were both permitted to dock earlier today, but Customs and Border Patrol will not be available until tomorrow.

The delays will affect the itineraries of other cruises which were supposed to leave this weekend. Those itineraries will reportedly be shortened. Passengers will reportedly be given a prorated refund, or allowed to cancel without penalty.