-Flashback- Couple Is Witness to Gruesome Cruise Ship Death Aftermath

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  • Late last year a couple witnessed the gruesome aftermath of a cruise ship electrician’s onboard death.
  • The man was apparently killed while working on an elevator, sending a stream of blood cascading down the front of the elevator.
  • Since that incident there have been many more cruise ship crew members killed while working.

Late last year Matt Davis and his wife were sailing on the Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship, enjoying themselves as would be expected. But on a Sunday evening, as they stood near one of the ship’s elevators, they were witness to a scene trait out of a horror movie.

As the couple approached the elevator they saw a stream of blood poor down from on top of the elevator car. A crew member appeared and attempted to corral travelers into a restaurant, but not before the scene was caught on tape.

Apparently, an electrician was working on the elevator when he was somehow killed by it. An investigation later identified the deceased as 66-year-old Jose Sandoval Opazo.

Since the above mentioned incident there have been numerous cruise crew members killed while working. Over the summer three crew members were killed in two separate lifeboat drill accidents. Another crew member was lost at sea.

Last month two cruise ship crew members in Germany were killed when their ship collided with a bridge.