Fire Burned Caribbean Fantasy Back in Port

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  • The Caribbean Fantasy cruise ship was ravaged by fire last week
  • The fire caused the more than 500 passengers and crew to be evacuated at sea.
  • The ship arrived at port in Puerto Rico Saturday, still smoldering from the fire.

A cruise ship that was beset by fire while traveling from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico limped into port Saturday, after having been evacuated of all of its passengers and crew in a daring sea rescue.

The fire ravaged cruise ship, the Caribbean Fantasy, was safely moored in Puerto Rico’s San Juan Harbor on August 20. Days earlier the ship had suffered from a fire which began in the engine room and quickly spread to the rest of the ship. According to one of the mechanics who was in the room at the time the fire started, he and another mechanic battled the blaze for 2 hours before finally being overwhelmed by the fire.

As the fire spread throughout the ship passengers were ordered to evacuate. Coast Guard vessels were joined by other area boats and ships in evacuating the more than 500 passengers and dozens of crew members from the burning ship. Though no one was reported killed in the blaze, hundreds of people were treated for various injuries, and at least eight people were reported to have suffered from broken bones.

As the ship was towed back into port authorities worried that it may release polluting toxins into the sea or air. As of two days ago authorities indicated that the ship was not releasing toxins, but published reports indicate that the ship was still smoldering as it was being pulled into port