FBI Investigating Possible Case of Sexual Battery aboard Cruise Ship

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating a case of sexual battery, which allegedly occurred aboard a cruise ship in March.

The FBI has taken the lead of the investigation because the alleged incident occurred aboard a cruise ship outside of U.S. territorial waters.

The New Orleans Advocate reports that the alleged incident occurred on the Carnival Triumph cruise ship on March 24th. The story cites court documents which indicate that the 48-year-old victim was initially reported missing after last being seen at an onboard club, but was later found in the cabin of a couple in an upper deck of the ship.

The woman, who was later examined by a medical professional, indicated during the exam that she felt sick and had been inappropriately touched. She was also reportedly missing her underwear.

Upon a search of the couple’s room, agents found various substances including pills and a blue power. The FBI has not indicated the nature of the substances or if any of them were illegal.

No charges have been filed in the case as of the writing of this blog.