Excursion Boat Carrying Cruise Ship Passengers Sinks in Cozumel

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For the second time in two weeks a cruise ship excursion has gone terribly wrong in Mexico.


As we blogged extensively in late December, a bus carrying cruise ship passengers was struck in Mexico, killing 12 people and injuring many more. Last week a cruise ship excursion carrying nearly a dozen Royal Caribbean passengers sank in Cozumel, Mexico, marking the second life threatening incident in as many weeks. Unlike the fatal incident a week earlier, the latest incident did not result in any serious injuries according to Local10.com, which reported on it.

According to the report, six Royal Caribbean and four Celebrity Equinox passengers were on a certified scuba dive excursion when the boat they were traveling in began to take on water.  A Youtube video showed the boat as it was sinking.

The incident is currently under investigation.