Disney Settles Case of Missing Crew Member

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It appears that the family of a Disney employee who disappeared from a Disney cruise ship back in 2011 has settled with Disney for an undisclosed amount.

Rebecca Coriam, from England worked on the Wonder cruise ship as a Youth Activity worker. She disappeared from the ship, aged 24,  off the coast of Mexico, near Puerto Vallarta and has not been seen since, not has the case been solved.  
It appears that there was a legal settlement with Disney in the U.S. back in 2015 but the family is still convinced there was foul play and is still investigating her disappearance back in the U.K. and is now thinking of opening a formal enquiry.
 Bill Anderson, a maritime investigation coordinator in the U.K. is convinced that a sexual assault took place on board the ship and he also believes that Disney were aware of it and of exactly what happened to Rebecca, who the family maintain was thrown overboard.
However Disney stands by a cursory investigation carried out by the Bahamian police as the ship was registered in the Bahamas, which stated that Corian fell overboard and was not suspicious. They state that it was probably a rogue wave, although CCTV footage shows her four decks below where she supposedly fell overboard, wearing someone else’s clothes and there were calm seas at the time.
Coriam has never been found, although her credit card was used some two months after her disappearance
Due to the terms of the settlement the Coriams are not allowed to discuss the case. However before the settlement was agreed they tried to ask the FBI and President Obama for help, but none was forthcoming.