Cruise Ships Staff Lack Life Saving Medical Training and Equipment

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Being injured or falling ill on a cruise ship can create an extremely dangerous situation for any cruise ship passenger, due to cruise lines’ general lack of adequate medical staff aboard even the most modern cruise ships in the world.

In recent years there have been countless cases of cruise passengers requiring urgent medical care aboard cruise ships, only to receive substandard care (or no care at all), and have their conditions worsen as a result.
One such case was submitted to an international cruise victims’ organization by the victim's mother. According to Lisa Ricci, mother of Christina Ricci, in September 2015 her 24-year-old daughter set off for a four day Mexican cruise with her boyfriend. The morning after leaving port Ricci's parents received a call from her boyfriend, informing them that she was unconscious. They later found out she had been having a stroke.
According to her mother's report the cruise ship’s medical staff was alerted to her condition, but instead of airlifting her to a proper medical facility, they took her to the ship's medical room where they delayed in providing her with lifesaving treatment. Christina's mother says that the ship's staff seemed not to know the signs of stroke, and did not call the Coast Guard or attempt to quickly return to port in time to save her daughter's life.
Understandably, Christina's family faults the cruise industry for touting its newest mega ships, complete with various diversions, rides, and attractions, while neglecting the basics such as proper medical care facilities and training for medical staff.
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