Cruise Ship Victim Named

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The name of the woman who fell from the Seabourn Quest cruise ship off Cape Ann has now been revealed.

Wendy Portman Lewis, aged 29 and a native of Canada, died on the night of September 11, having fallen from the Seabourn Quest, however, the cause of her death has still not been announced. According to the state medical examiner and the FBI her death is still under investigation. The FBI went on to say that they still had no comment but it is understood that foul play has not been ruled out.
Lewis owned a high end jewelry store together with her British husband, G. Douglas Lewis which was called The Estate Jewelry Collection and located in Palm Desert, California. The store was home to a vast collection of diamonds up to 150 carats.
The Seabourn Quest had just set out from Boston on a cruise to New England and the Maritimes and was heading for the St. Lawrence River and Montreal in Canada. Its first port of call was due to be Bar Harbor in Main although it had not reached there when Lewis fell overboard. Although it has 11 decks it is an all suite cruise ship holding around 450 passengers.
Having fallen off the ship her body was discovered shortly afterwards by a local fisherman and she was taken to Rockport’s T-Wharf, by town harbormasters Rosemary Lesch and Scott Story and pronounced dead just before 8 p.m.