Cruise Ship Sexual Assault – Keep Your Guard Up When Dealing with the Cruise Line

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Many cruise passengers may be unaware of the fact that, in general, there are no police at sea.The only personnel on cruise ships who keep order are cruise line employees. There are security officers who break up fights and make reports on events. And there is one or 2 safety officers onboard who investigate injury accidents.These people all are direct employees of the cruise line. When they take your statement and ask you (first question) how much have you had to drink, they are looking out for the company. There is no governmental or neutral police force on cruise ships.  And the police on small islands are not trained well and are grossly underpaid. The islands in the caribbean are beholden to the cruise lines. The cruise lines are responsible for a tremendous amount of income to these islands so the police and other governmental officials on the islands will do anything cruise line personnel say.  That is why you need to contact the FBI and make a report as soon as possible even while still onboard the ship. The cruise line is supposed to arrange that. But you and your family should speak with the FBI and not rely or depend on the cruise line to do it. Get the full names and contact information of witnesses. The cruise line will not give those up unless suit is filed. And even then the cruise line may say they did not get the name of witnesses. Take photos of the scene and people and whatever was involved. "A picture is worth a thousand words".  Again, dont rely on the cruise line to do it. These security guards may seem like they have passengers’ best interests in mind, and often times they do. But in cases of cruise ship sexual assault, victims have often complained that cruise security, and indeed cruise officials in general, have been anything but helpful.

Many times, when cruise ship sexual assault victims have complained about cruise officials’ responses to their claims, the accused was a member of the cruise ship crew. Most of these cases seem to be nothing more than cruise personnel covering for the company, as a company employee raping a passenger is not only heinous, but it opens the company up to negative press and financial liabilities.

If you are ever the victim of a cruise ship sexual assault, by all means seek the assistance of onboard authorities. But, do not rely on them completely. For example, you should document the evidence of the incident yourself, and also compile a list of witnesses (complete with name, address, phone, and email). You should insist on speaking to the FBI while still at sea; there is no need to wait until you get back to shore. And though cruise authorities may insist on helping you relate your ordeal to the FBI, you should politely refuse, and instead speak to the FBI yourself.

It is possible that, after an attack, the cruise staff who attends to you may be caring, understanding, and helpful. But it is also instructive to remember that cruise companies are a business, and they have a history of putting profits before people.