Cruise Ship Passenger Seriously Injured or Killed While on Excursion from Ship

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A cruise related website is reporting that a cruise ship passenger was seriously injured or killed during an excursion in Cozumel.

 The site quotes a person who claimed to be a passenger on the Carnival Freedom cruise ship. The passenger says that on July 6th a fellow passenger was on excursion from the ship in Cozumel when he jumped off a floating trampoline into the water. The man was reportedly rendered unconscious and taken to a Cozumel area hospital for treatment. The man’s family was also seen disembarking from the ship with their luggage.

The person who reported the incident was not sure if the victim was left seriously injured or was killed in the incident.

Every year dozens of cruise ship passengers are hurt in incidences on and off the ships. Though many cruise ship passengers may be unaware of this fact, cruise companies are at times at fault for injuries passengers sustain while on excursion.

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