Cruise Ship Passenger Arrested and Deported

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An Australian passenger on board a cruise ship has been arrested and deported.

When the Voyager of the Seas arrived in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand on Monday December 21, a 43 year old Australian from Tasmania was taken off the ship and arrested for domestic violence.

It appears that the man had been drinking and went on to kick in the cabin door of his ex partner and their 10 year old daughter who were travelling on the same ship. He then assaulted both of them and although the child was not injured the woman suffered bruising.

The captain then ordered the man to leave the ship and he was arrested at Waitangi jetty in the Bay of Islands. The police then charged him with assaulting a female and a child and once he had pleaded guilty he was sentenced the following day. However, New Zealand Immigration refused him entry into the country and he was immediately deported to Australia.

Although the offence took place in international waters, if an offence carries a maximum jail penalty of more than two years, then the New Zealand police have jurisdiction. In addition, when the deportation was ordered, the Australian and Tasmanian federal police were also informed.

On the same day as the man was arrested, a 74 year old female passenger on board the Voyager of the Seas was also detained by New Zealand police after she tried to steal jewelry from a shop in Paihia, the main town in the Bay of Islands. She returned the jewelry, received a formal warning and was allowed to return to the ship.