Cruise Ship Jewelry Store Wins Court Case

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A court in Miami Dade has decided that Holland America cruise line will not lose out for selling a diamond at the wrong price.

Back in February 2013, Thomas DePrince was on a cruise on the Eurodam. He was a retired antiques and jewelry dealer who lived in the Northeast United States but also had a vacation home in South Florida. While on the cruise he visited the jewelry store on board, Starboard Cruise Services, and told the salesman he was interested in buying a large diamond between 15 and 20 carats. The store manager then emailed Starboard’s headquarters who contacted Sophia Fiori Diamonds who offered the store a
20.64 carat emerald-cut diamond for the price of $235,000. DePrince consulted his sister, a qualified gemologist who was on the cruise with him, knowing that the diamond was actually worth twenty times that amount. Starboard Cruise Services had priced the diamond thinking it was the total cost when it was actually the price per carat. The actual price should have been $4.8 million.

Once the store realized the error, and knowing the diamond had not yet been delivered to DePrince’s home, they contacted DePrince, told him what had happened, cancelled the sale and refunded his money.

However, DePrince then filed a lawsuit which alleged breach of contract but a Miami Dade judge dismissed the case, which then went to appeal where DePrince was told he could have the case heard.

On Thursday, April 7, the case once again appeared in court and the judge once again ruled in favor of Starboard Cruise Services. He stated that DePrince was well qualified to know the true cost of the diamond and had consulted certified gemologists, before buying it. He dismissed DePrince’s claim that a contract had been agreed and it should be binding on both parties.