Cruise Ship in Italy Catches Fire – All Passengers and Crew Evacuated

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  • The SeaDream cruise ship suffered a fire this week.
  • Though the fire was quickly contained, the ship was left without propulsion.
  • All passengers and crew were evacuated by the Coast Guard.

News reports out of Italy indicate that a cruise ship caught fire with passengers on board earlier this week, necessitating an evacuation.

The SeaDream cruise ship caught fire as it sailed in the Tyrrhenian Sea between Amalfi and Palinuro. Reports indicate that one of the ship’s generators failed, causing it to spew thick smoke and catch fire. Though the crew was reportedly able to extinguish the fire within just minutes, the 105 passengers and 61 crew members were evacuated by the Coast Guard as a safety precaution.

The ship’s main generator and engine were severely disabled after the fire, leaving the ship without propulsion. Unable to move on its own, the SeaDream was towed into port at Naples by a tugboat.

The fire aboard the SeaDream is just the latest in a long series of recent cruise ship engine and propulsion issues, which have seen various vessels across the world suffer sometimes severe mechanical issues and fires. Recently over 500 passengers had to be evacuated from a cruise ship traveling between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico when the ship burst into flames following an engine room fire. And another ship traveling along the Amazon actually exploded and sank.

Propulsion issues have seen cruise ships left adrift at sea, with one reportedly coming perilously close to running aground.

Though cruise ship propulsion issues and mechanical problems, and even fires, are relatively common, this summer has seen an abnormally high report of the incidences. But despite the inherent dangers involved in such situations, there have been no reports of significant injuries to passengers or crew due to this summer’s cruise ship mechanical problems.