Cruise Ship Daycare Manager Used His Post to Molest Over a Dozen Children

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In 2012 Britain was rocked by allegations that a daycare manager for a cruise line had used his post in order to sexually molest children.

Authorities were shocked to learn that a British man who had worked on several cruise ships owned by cruise company Cunard, had been using his post as a daycare manager to molest children under his care. Police found photographic evidence of the crimes, which left over a dozen children victimized.

34-year-old Paul Trotter pleaded guilty to the charges, which included making films of some of the children involved. According to the, the abuses took place between November 2007 and August 2011, when Trotter worked aboard Cunard’s cruise ships Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Victoria.

Speaking about the charges, Detective Inspector Nicki Davey said that Trotter abused his position of trust, but that "His admission of the charges will mean that the families do not have to experience the distress of a trial. We would like to acknowledge their co-operation and understanding following our visits to them."

The question of how Trotter was able to victimize so many children over such a long period of time demands an answer. But, tellingly, Cunard could not offer such an explanation. Speaking for the company, Cunard President Peter Shanks said:

“We have closed circuit TV on board all of our ships, including all of the children's clubs, and our own rules dictate that a minimum of two members of staff are to be with children at all times.

"Our safeguards were strict but sadly did not stop this one individual from managing to circumvent the system and manipulate those around him.”