Cruise Ship Crew Members Prey on Their Co-Workers

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The majority of cruise ship sexual assaults are committed by cruise ship crew members against passengers. But crew members also victimize their coworkers. Unlike passengers, crew members are often subject to mistreatment from ship management personnel after reporting the crimes.

In October of last year, a crew member of a Disney Cruises ship was arrested and charged with the rape of his coworker while the ship was docked in Cadiz, Spain. The couple had been intimately involved on the night before the incident. The following morning the alleged perpetrator requested that the victim allow him to have anal sex with her. When she refused, he allegedly raped her.

Cruise ship crew members have reported being mistreated after having told onboard authorities that their coworkers sexually assaulted or raped them. Various women have reported that they were not taken seriously, were told to keep quiet, and were even made to work with or in the same areas as their attackers after having reported what had happened to them.

The above incident followed another incident in Cadiz which occurred the month before. In it a crew member was arrested on suspicion of having committed indecent exposure in a local shopping center as two children watched.