Cruise Ship Crew Members Most Likely to Sexually Assault Passengers

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Most people would probably be surprised to learn that the majority of cruise ship sexual assaults are perpetrated by cruise line employees. There are various reasons for this phenomenon, which we will consider here:

Impunity - Cruise line employees often get away with committing various crimes. Sadly, there have been numerous cases of cruise ship employees committing sexual crimes, only to be protected by their employers once the crime had been discovered. For example, in 2013 a cruise ship employee was caught on security recording kissing a 10 year-old girl who was a passenger on the ship. The incident was immediately reported to cruise ship security personnel. But the cruise line waited until the ship sailed away from Florida, where the incident happened, before reporting the incident to U.S. authorities. The employee was disembarked in a foreign country and never faced justice.

Access – Cruise ship employees often have master Keys which serve to unlock virtually all passenger cabin doors. These keys have been used numerous times in the perpetration of sexual attacks.

Shamelessness – A number of sexual attacks perpetrated by cruise line employees have been caught on security video, occurring out in the open. It is disturbing that many of these crew members perpetrate such vicious acts in full view of the ship’s security measures, but it is nevertheless true.

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