Cruise Ship Crew Member Recorded Admitting He Told Passenger He Wanted to Rape Her

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  • Gina Clark from Brandon, FL was on a cruise last week when a crew member told her he wanted to rape her.
  • When Clark complained, the man’s manager brought him back to her, where he admitted to his conduct as Clark’s friend taped the conversation.
  • The cruise line says the perpetrator has been fired.

If you have been reading this blog for the past several weeks and months, you have probably noticed that, almost every time we talk about cruise ship sexual assault and rape, we often also mention the fact that the majority of such incidences are committed by cruise ship employees. A recent report about a Bahamas cruise ship passenger, and one of the workers on the ship on which she cruised, shows just how bold some crew members can be with their sexual assaults.

According to published reports Gina Clark was aboard the Bahamas Paradise Cruise for a three-day bachelorette party when she was grabbed by a ship crew member as he told her that he wanted to rape her. She says that on Friday the crew member came to her cabin door and knocked. When she opened the door he allegedly grabbed her and told her he wanted to rape her, and even went as far as to clarify – “you know, when a man forcefully makes a woman have sex?”

Incredibly, when Clark reported the incident to cruise ship management, a senior staff member reportedly returned with the offending crew member, who then told Clark that he was just kidding while admitting to what he had said. The conversation was recorded by Clark’s friend, and the audio has now been picked up by a local news station and broadcast across the country.

Though there was initially no action taken against the perpetrator, after a call to the cruise line from Tampa new station 10News WTSP, the company’s vice president, Glenn Ryerson, reportedly called Clark and said that they perpetrator had been fired and sent back to his South American home.

The incident is raising awareness of cruise ship rape and sexual assault, which happens at rate which would likely shock many cruise ship passengers.