Cruise Ship Crew Member Lost at Sea Earlier this Week

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Earlier this week a cruise ship crew member was reported missing from the vessel on which he  or she worked, prompting a search which ultimately failed to turn up signs of the missing worker.

According to published reports, the crew member went missing from the MCS Musica ship on June 21 as the ship traveled from Venice to Brindisi. The ship reportedly went back to search for the missing worker, and the National Center for Search and Rescue Operations at Sea called on ships in the area for additional assistance in looking for the victim. After approximately an hour’s search, the ship continued on to its destination.

The cruise industry has come under renewed scrutiny as of late, as a result of the publication of allegations made by the parents of missing cruise worker Rebecca Coriam. Coriam went missing from the Disney cruise ship on which she worked in 2011, and the company’s official explanation of her disappearance never satisfied her parents.

Over the past several days, a number of articles have been published questioning the cruise industry and its handling of disappearances. For years the industry has been criticized for its failure to deploy man overboard technology which would help notify ship authorities when someone has fallen from the ship, and help authorities better pinpoint the location where the victim entered the water.