Cruise Ship Crew are Not Supposed to Fraternize with Passengers – But Do So Anyways

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Every so often a cruise ship employee is interviewed by a news organization, and gives the sordid details relating to what its really like to work on a floating city.  Some takeaways which are almost always mentioned include the fact that seemingly all the cruise ship crew members hook up with each other, but it is a fireable offense for crew members to have sex with passengers.

We at Hickey Law Firm, P.A. recently represented a woman who was brutally sexually assaulted by two cruise ship workers. Her story can be seen in the following video. Of particular interest is the fact that, in the INSIDE Edition investigative piece, producers for the show were able to locate uniformed cruise ship officers fraternizing with passengers.

With the number of reported cruise ship sexual assaults involving cruise members every year, it is clear that cruise companies have a ways to go before they learn to successfully control their employees. Despite the numerous reports in the media that hooking up with guests is a no-no, evidence shows that cruise ship workers have taken surprising liberties with passengers and faced no repercussions. On the contrary, cruise companies have often shown themselves to be incredibly tone deaf when it comes to passengers needs after being sexually harassed or assaulted by crew members.