Cruise Ship Crashes into Pier Leaving Seven People Injured

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On Thursday afternoon, March 31, a Hornblower harbor cruise ship smashed into the Broadway Pier in San Diego, injuring seven people.

The cruise ship was the 150 foot long Adventure Hornblower and it was docking at the San Diego Embarcadero in the area of North Harbor Drive and Broadway at round 1 p.m. when it slammed into the pier sending passengers on board flying and those on the pier running for their lives.
According to witnesses, the ship was coming in to dock at speed and did not slow at all before crashing into the pier which caused significant damage to the bow of the vessel and the waterfront walkway. As it approached the pier, the captain was frantically sounding the horn to warn those passengers waiting on the pier to get out of the way. Seven of those on board were injured and three of them had to be transported to hospital where none are thought to have life threatening injuries.
A tug boat was then used to pull the ship away from the pier before allowing passengers to leave the ship some three hours later.  
It appears that the reason the ship did not slow was due to a mechanical malfunction where a gear became stuck, meaning the ship could not slow down. It is currently being investigated by the U.S. Coast Guard.
In the meantime it is not known when the Adventure Hornblower, which carries 300 passengers and is used for bay tours in San Diego's skyline and for dolphin and whale watching expeditions, will be repaired and cruising again.