Cruise Passengers Relate Horror Stories after Being Trapped in 'Bomb Cyclone'

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What is a bomb cyclone, and why are cruise passengers saying that being caught in it was one of the worst experiences of their lives?

Passengers aboard a Norwegian cruise ship were en route from New York to the Bahamas last week, when it became stuck in a massive storm called a ‘bomb cyclone’. The travelers report that the ship swayed to-and-fro in the storm as ocean waters tossed the 146,600-ton ship like a toy.

Water entered the ship as it suffered from a dramatic drop in temperature. According to a reported in, passenger Christina Mendez said it became so cold in her room that “we had popsicles inside our room.” Speaking about the children traveling with her party she added, “They're gonna remember when they saw a lady fall from the ceiling. They're gonna remember puking everywhere. They're gonna remember everything they heard and saw."

Despite employing advanced weather prediction and detection systems cruise ships nevertheless find themselves sailing in dangerous seas all too often. In 2017 Royal Caribbean came under fire when one of its ships sailed in the remnants of a hurricane, putting passengers and crew members in danger.