Cruise Passengers Falling Sick on Thomson Dream Cruise Ship

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Three British families are looking to file a lawsuit against Thomson cruises since they all fell ill on the Thomson Dream cruise ship between January and March this year.
Lesley and Paul Withington, from the north of England were on a two week cruise on the ship which left from Montego Bay, Jamaica over New Year. They said that their cabin smelled damp and the carpet was wet and began to smell of sewage during the voyage. They both suffered from dizziness, a cough, shortness of breath and loss of appetite as well as nausea and diarrhea and on their return to the UK, Lesley had to be hospitalized with what was thought to bacterial pneumonia and Paul was diagnosed as having a severe chest infection and is still having tests to determine the exact nature of his illness.
Joseph and Linda Pennington, from the north east of England travelled on the Thomson Dream in January and they too suffered from similar symptoms. Joseph, aged 65 had gastroenteritis and Linda developed a chest infection and was placed on intravenous antibiotics several times during the cruise. She continued to suffer when she returned home.
They allege that the food was often lukewarm and that several of the public toilets were out of order during the cruise. They also claim that other passengers were suffering from similar symptoms.
The third couple, Paul Easton and Susan Clews, from Birmingham in central England, travelled on the same ship in February. Both suffered from respiratory illnesses and Susan, aged 62, also had sore eyes and migraines along with problems breathing. She also received intravenous medication, but her vision became worse and when she saw an eye doctor on her return to the UK she was told that her blurred vision may need surgery and could very well be due to her respiratory illness.
This is not the first time cruise passengers on the Thomson Dream have suffered from respiratory infections and gastroenteritis. In 2010 more than 200 people were affected and had their claims settled for a six figure sum and there was a similar outbreak in 2012.