Cruise Passenger Traveling to New Zealand Deported for Being Security Risk

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Many people have rightly wondered if criminals are allowed to cruise on cruise ships. It is the duty of the cruise company to ensure their passengers’ safety, including preventing those who are a known risk from boarding their ships. Though published reports about passengers being denied entry onto cruise ships, as a result of being suspected security risks, is rare, it does happen on occasion. Additionally, cruise passengers are also occasionally denied entry into ports of call due to being suspected security risks.

Newsweek reports that a passenger, who was traveling to New Zealand aboard on the Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas cruise ship, was recently refused entry into the country. Instead of being allowed to enter after disembarking from the ship the man was instead deported.

Though officials refused to identify the exact reason the passenger was deported, they did say that he failed to meet the country’s “character requirements.”

According to the Newsweek article at least 14 people have been denied entry into the country since 2015, while trying to enter by sea.