Cruise Passenger Reportedly Left by Cruise Ship – Swims for Hours Trying to Catch It

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A cruise ship passenger found herself swimming out to sea recently, after she attempted to swim out to a cruise ship that had left her behind, and found that she could not catch up.

Travel Weekly reports that the woman left the Marco Polo cruise ship following an argument with her husband, and later decided to attempt to get back on the ship, only to find that it had left. The article says that the 65-year-old British woman swam for several hours out to sea, and was finally rescued by a group of fishermen. She was reportedly suffering from hypothermia when she was rescued.

Though there is no indication that the woman in this story was left behind due to a premature sailing of the ship, cruise passengers should be aware that cruise captains do have the discretion to set sail when they see fit, even if that happens to be several hours earlier than the advertised time.

There have been multiple examples of cruise ships leaving passengers behind, including some notable videos online such as the video embedded above. In another instance hundreds of Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise passengers were left behind when the ships’ captains set sail earlier than planned from Puerto Rico due to an adverse weather forecast.