Cruise Industry Facing Scrutiny After Failed Sanitation Inspections, Sexual Assaults, and Brawls

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The Sun newspaper reports that a record number of cruise ships failed sanitation inspections conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) last year, and highlights recent episodes of passengers falling sick aboard the vessels.

According to the report 2017 saw 15 out of 250 ships fail the sanitation inspections, a marked increase from 2016 results which saw just four ships fail. Interestingly, one ship, the Kydon which is owned by Ferries Del Caribe, actually failed two sanitation inspections in 2017.

The cruise industry has suffered from a slew of negative headlines in recent months. In addition to the failed inspections, ships have been the scene of numerous passenger injuries and disappearances, several reported sexual assaults, and even a vicious series of group fights which resulted in dozens of people being booted from a Carnival cruise ship last month.

Many of the brawls, which reportedly involved members of a family, were caught on tape and made international headlines.

In light of the recent, and indeed historical, problems cruise lines have experienced keeping passengers safe, cruise industry experts and travelers alike are beginning to ask what the industry must do in order to fulfill its obligation to provide its passengers with a secure environment in which to enjoy their vacations.