Crew Members Arrested for Cocaine Smuggling

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On Sunday, January 3, agents with Homeland Security were watching the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship in port in New Orleans which had arrived from Honduras.

They saw three of the crewmen in a restroom in the Riverwalk shopping mall which is next to the cruise ship terminal.

They continued to watch as two of the men took off their shoes and pants inside the stalls in the restroom, which to them is a sign of drug smuggling, as smugglers often have the drugs inside their pants or strapped to their bodies. The agents moved in and detained the two men and recovered a bag which contained six packages of cocaine which had been concealed in their underwear.
The two men, crew members Asbert Lowmans and Jean Louis admitted to the agents that they had been smuggling and Lowmans agreed to cooperate. The third man, Felicien was then arrested as he made his way back to the cruise ship, along with a fourth man, Kevin John who was also in possession of a package of cocaine.
Lowmans then admitted that he was going to sell the drugs to a Jamaican man, whose name he said was Uncle, and he agreed to go ahead and meet him in the SpringHill Suites hotel on St. Joseph Street. Once he met Uncle, whose real name was Alfred Dennison, he too was arrested and found to be in possession of $19,000 which he planned to use to purchase the drugs.
In total, the cocaine weighed around 4.75 kilograms.
All five were booked on the felony charge of importing cocaine.
This is not the first time Norwegian Cruise Line crew members have been arrested for smuggling cocaine as last year, five were caught in Tampa with cocaine from the Norwegian Dawn and also last year a galley worker was caught boarding with cocaine by the on board ship’s security.