Couple Sues Cruise Line for Bed Bug Related Illness

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  • A couple is suing Tompson Cruises, claiming that the wife suffered from an illness as a result of a bed bug infestation during their cruise.
  • The couple claims that their cabin room had to be fumigated twice due to the infestation.
  • Their attorney claims that the issue is recurring and that the cruise line is aware of the issue.

A couple is suing a cruise line, claiming that the wife contracted an infirmity from bed bugs that left her seriously ill.

In September 2014 Philip and Janice Stephens sailed to Turkey on the Tompson Celebration cruise ship. While on vacation the couple reportedly spotted bed bugs in their cabin room, and twice had it treated for the infestation. After returning home from the cruise the couple says that they noticed that Janice suffered from serious changes in her health.

Janice claims that she is now suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and has had to take time off work as a result. Though she is still verifying the cause of the malady, she suspects that it may have resulted from a post viral infection.

In a statement their attorney, Jennifer Downing, said:

"Clearly this was supposed to be a relaxing and romantic trip for Janice and Philip but they were left unable to enjoy the facilities they had paid for due to the illness they experienced.

"We have been instructed by a number of people who suffered similar problems on board this ship at the same time Janice and Philip were on board, as well as passengers who travelled on the Thomson Celebration during other voyages in 2014 and 2015.

A spokesperson for Thompson has indicated that the company will not comment on pending litigation.