Couple Reportedly Finds Hidden Camera in Cruise Ship Cabin Room

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Inside Edition reports that a Florida couple is complaining after finding a hidden camera in their cruise ship cabin room.

Chris and Dana White tell the investigative news show that while taking a three-day cruise aboard the Carnival Fantasy last year, they spotted a camera pointing at their bed. Christ captured video of the camera and notified ship officials, who then came and took it apart.

The Whites accuse Carnival of mishandling the situation. For its part Carnival did admit that the White’s room had a video transmitter installed in it, but the company insists that the device was not operational. Carnival says that the camera was not connected to any power source.

Chris White disputes Carnival’s contention. He says that the device as wired up. It “was working. It was warm to the touch," he says.

Carnival reports that it turned the camera over to the FBI for further investigation.