Couple Facing Huge Medical Bill Following Cruise

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A husband and wife from Surrey in Canada have been faced with a massive bill following a cruise to Hawaii on the Star Princess.

In the fall of last year, Robert and Marilyn Wiens went on a cruise of a lifetime to Hawaii which left from Vancouver. Being sensible they took out travel insurance for the 15 day trip as well as Princess Vacation Protection.
However, during the cruise they both fell sick along with many other passengers as norovirus made its way through the ship so they both had to receive medical treatment on board.
Then, as the ship was reaching Vancouver at the end of the trip, Robert fell in the bathroom. He was immediately rushed to the medical center on board and a doctor from the shore was brought on board to tend to him. From there, he was transferred to St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver for two weeks where, although he nearly died, he did recover.
However, despite having insurance, they are facing almost $4,000 in medical bills. The couple had different insurers and while Marilyn’s did pay out, Robert’s did not as he assumed a 15 day cruise would be 15 nights and so he had insured for that time period when in fact they were on the cruise ship for 16 nights. This was sufficient for the insurance company to nullify the policy.
In addition, another $1,200 was charged to Robert’s credit card to pay for the doctor who came on board in Vancouver following his fall and this was not covered by the Princess Vacation Protection.
This case, once again highlights not only the importance of travel insurance, but also the importance of checking any insurance very carefully to check what is, and what is not covered.