Could There Be Another ‘Poseidon Adventure’ Type Maritime Disaster?

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There is still silence from Royal Caribbean as to why the Anthem of the Seas made the decision to set sail on a weeklong cruise knowing that it would encounter a severe storm with hurricane force winds.

The only statement has been that the extreme conditions were unexpected and the captain reiterated to the passengers on board that the weather was not what was forecast and it was stronger than expected. He also said that it was the worst storm he had ever sailed in.
Royal Caribbean said that the ship was never in danger, but several of the passengers when describing their ordeal said the ship was listing at 45 degrees with 30 foot waves which even crashed over the lifeboats. So was the ship in danger?
Many passengers likened their experience to the movie, “The Poseidon Adventure” when a wall of water flipped a cruise ship on its side.  And it does not only happen in the movies. Back in 2010 when the Louis Majesty cruise ship was cruising off northeast Spain, it was hit by 26 foot waves which smashed though some windows killing two passengers and injuring 14.
Experts have said that waves such as the ones experienced by the Louis Majesty are extremely rare but obviously not that rare given that the ones which the passengers on the Anthem of the Seas had to cruise through appeared to be the same size or bigger. It would seem to be a miracle that no one was killed or seriously injured.
Experts have also said in order for the ship to experience a Poseidon moment and totally flip, the waves would have to be 70 to 100 feet high and the ship would have to be listing at 60 degrees. Passengers on the Anthem of the Seas say that it was listing at around 45 degrees so not that far off the danger area.  
Anthem of the Seas is due to arrive back in Cape Liberty, New Jersey at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, 10 February, with 4,539 passengers and 1,616 crew members, most of whom will probably be very happy to be back on dry land and some of whom are unlikely to venture to sea again