Convincing Teens to Open Up after Cruise Ship Sexual Assault

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Several days ago, we blogged about the 2009 cruise ship sexual assault case involving a 14-year-old girl called Taylor (not her real name), and a cruise ship waiter. Parents, especially of teenaged girls, can learn a lesson from Taylor’s ordeal.

On the 5th night of the cruise, 14-year-old Taylor found herself unable to sleep after her parents had already gone to bed. She went to an upper deck of the ship and found a peaceful place where she could write in her diary. There, she was encountered by Hery Krispiyanto, a cruise ship waiter who had served the family during their stay aboard the ship.

Taylor says that Krispiyanto pulled her into a members’ only area of the ship, telling her that he was going to “take care” of her. It was there that she says he raped her.

Taylor says that she decided not to tell her parents what had happened to her, as she found it “too hard to say it”, and did not want to ruin her parents’ cruise.

Krispiyanto was eventually captured, arrested, tried, and convicted. But, the charges he faced were not as severe as those he may have faced if the incident had been reported immediately.

It is important that parents have frank conversations with their teenaged children about the dangers of cruise ship sexual assault. We have posted some tips on how to prevent cruise ship rape and sexual assault here.

Even though it may at first be uncomfortable, discussing these tips may be a good place to open the conversation. Above all, parents should foster an open and accepting atmosphere, and assure their children that, if something terrible should happen, they should report it immediately.