Common Reasons for Cruise Ship Injury Claims

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Every year hundreds of lawsuits are filed against cruise companies. Most of these suits arise from incidents which occur during passengers’ time aboard the ships, but some of the suits also arise from incidences which occur while passengers are not physically aboard the ships, such as when passengers are injured during excursions.

Below we will take a look at some of the most common causes of lawsuits against cruise companies:

  • Cruise ship injury – Passengers may be injured aboard the ship due to any of a number of causes. The most common cause of cruise ship injury is slip-and-fall. Other injuries include drownings and near drownings, and injuries arising from cruise ship doors, stairs, and other components of the ships.
  • Cruise ship sexual assault or rape – Every year dozens of passengers are sexually assaulted and raped aboard cruise ships. In fact, cruise ship sexual assault is the most commonly reported cruise ship crime, and crew members are the most frequent perpetrators.
  • Cruise ship overboard or disappearance – An average of one to two passengers go missing from cruise ships every month. Some of these incidences result in the passengers’ survivors filing lawsuits against the cruise lines, claiming that negligence led to the victims falling from the ships.
  • Excursion injury – Cruise ship passengers take millions of excursions every year. As can be imagined, sometimes passengers are seriously injured or even killed while on excursion. Cruise company negligence is sometimes to blame for the conditions which lead to these injuries and deaths, and can lead to victims filing suit against the cruise companies.