Carnival Triumph Fails CDC Sanitation Inspection While Workers Hide Violations on Other Carnival Ships

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A Carnival cruise ship received a failing grade after a sanitation check late last year, which was the result of multiple violations according to a Miami Herald report.

According to the story, the Carnival Triumph was found to have more than two dozen violations, including:

·         Dairy products not being kept chilled

·         Flies in food preparation areas

·         Machinery which was “soiled with debris.”

Though the Miami Herald article characterizes the failure as a rare occurrence, in actuality major cruise ships fail the CDC sanitation inspection every year. But November’s inspection is the first time the Carnival Triumph has scored under 80. The November inspection resulted in a score of just 78 points.

This report comes in light of other troubling sanitation reports on other Carnival cruise ships. The Herald reports that crew members aboard the Carnival Vista cruise ship were found to be hiding sanitations violations from inspectors, including suspected spoiled food and dirty dishes. The Carnival Breeze was cited because it was found to have two dozen garbage bins filled with waste near food handling areas.

Every year thousands of cruise passengers are sickened due to cruise ship outbreaks and other illnesses. Cruise companies have a duty to maintain their ships in sanitary conditions, and when they fail to do so they put passengers’ and crew members’ health at risk.