Carnival Pride Smashes into Dock in Baltimore

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The Carnival Pride cruise ship had problems docking in Baltimore, Maryland on Sunday, May 8 when it arrived back from a week long cruise to the Bahamas.

At it reached the dockside at the end of the cruise, the front of the ship for some reason ran straight into the gangway which was waiting to disembark passengers. Having hit it hard, the gangway then collapsed on top of three pickup trucks, owned by Carnival Cruise Line employees which were parked on the dock. Luckily there was no one in the vehicles which were hit at the time the gangway smashed into them.
Passengers on board reported hearing a crash and feeling a severe jolt but there were no injuries reported to any one on board.
The gangway was supposed to be used by passengers to disembark from the ship but instead they had to use the gangway reserved for the crew which was situated some decks lower at the level of the pier.
The ship suffered minor damage but the Baltimore port spokesman, Richard Scher, said that the damage was not sufficiently severe to prevent the ship leaving on time later that day on its next cruise. The ship did eventually leave as scheduled.
At this time it is not known why the ship crashed into the gangway and the accident is being investigated by both Carnival and the U.S. Coast Guard.