Carnival Liberty Suffers Engine Problems - Cancels Cruise

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  • The Carnival Liberty cruise ship suffered mechanical issues yesterday, causing it to arrive late to port in Galveston, Texas.
  • The ship’s next sailing was cancelled as a result of the issue, which affected the ship’s alternator.
  • Carnival is reportedly working to fix the issue, but has not given a time frame to complete the repairs.

As a follow up to our recently published blog about the dangers relating to cruise ship mechanical issues and engine fires, a new report today says that Carnival Cruise Lines was forced to alter a scheduled itinerary due to engine problems with one of its ships.

The Carnival Liberty suffered problems with its alternator yesterday, causing the company to cancel an upcoming sailing and alter at least two future itineraries. The issue prevents the ship from reaching its maximum speed, and instead sail more slowly. It was supposed to arrive at Galveston, TX yesterday at 5:45 pm, but it arrived late. The ship’s next voyage – which was set to sail last night – never left dock.

As of now the Liberty is docked at Galveston and is undergoing repairs. Carnival said that it is not sure when the repairs will be completed.

Affected passengers were offered a full refund, somewhat of a rarity for Carnival, and a “100% future cruise credit.” They were also given $90 per person as reimbursement.